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Zoom Turin and Hotel

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Living room and entrance Bioparco Zoom Torino !!!


There is no age when you are in front of nature ... excited is d 'obligation .... lemurs, rhinos, penguins, zebras, giraffes and much more ......


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Stay in our best rooms and / or rooms for families ... up to 6 comfortable beds .. rich breakfast buffet, national and international newspapers and many other services included in addition to the d 'admission to Bioparco Zoom


The Glis Hotel Turin is about 30 minutes away from the bio-park offers a package that includes accommodation with breakfast with the possibility of half board and one entry per person to bioparco Zoom Torino


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or contact us: Tel +39 011 27 40 151   info@hotelglis.it 








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Vieni a TorinoCome in Turin, staying with us
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